The Backside of the Mat; The Business of Yoga

The Backside Of The Mat
The Business of Yoga with Rebecca Marshall
Saturday, January 20, 2018
12:00-4:00pm $80.00+gst
48 hour cancellation policy

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About Rebecca:

Rebecca holds a MBA with dual undergrads- BS in both Marketing and Organizational Communication (focused on Interpersonal Relationships within a business based environment).

Yoga Alliance CEC (4hrs)

Money. That’s the elephant on the mat. Most yoga teachers wish they never had to think about it, and yet sometimes an entire class is spent worrying about it. We teach to fulfill a calling deep within us and then we go home and scroll through our bank balance wondering if we need to get a “real” job. I’m here to tell you, YOU HAVE A REAL JOB! You just haven’t tapped into your full potential in the business side of what you do.

As an Independent Contractor (What is that, you ask? Don’t worry, we’ll cover that) in the yoga world, it can feel overwhelming to navigate transitioning from an employee to Independent Contractor. This workshop is designed for you- how to take your love of yoga into a successful, sustainable life of passion teaching what you love. It’s time to take transaction to trust and struggle to success.

This workshop is open to new and experienced yoga teachers, studio owners and studio managers. Considering taking a yoga teacher training? This will be the first step to your success and help you make clear, educated decisions along your path.

Rebecca Marshall, MBA, 200hr E-RYT, 500hr RYT(cand) brings her experience to the mat in this 4 hour workshop. You will leave with a clear guided way to your success in a long term, sustainable career of freedom of directing your future.

Topics covered:

The Backside of the Mat; The Business of Yoga © Rebecca Marshall

The Foundation: Accept Full Responsibility For Your Success

Yoga Mat: Perceive The World to Your Advantage

Strap: Always Strive for Growth

Block: Understand “Success” and “Failure”

Vinyasa: Embrace Change and Take Risks

Niyamas: Work Well with Others and Strive Toward Leadership

Savasana: See the Big Picture

Ethics of Teaching On and Off the Mat

A time without...

It seemed to me that December flew by. November was such a busy, amazing month and I had decided to devote some time to my family (hence the hiatus on the posts- love how so many of you have asked why I hadn't blogged and sent the most thoughtful messages!). I spent my time enjoying the holiday season and I've missed all of you but I've also enjoyed soaking up the holiday madness. My husband and I generally have a line up of parties and events that we go to throughout the holiday season on top of our annual Dec. 23 bash and it leaves us feeling tired, exhausted and overall fatigued. However, we also feel loved, grateful and full of joy for the people around us and sharing in their lives. Two of my fav fellow teachers (and great friends) were at our party and I loved getting a chance to chat, catch up and share experiences and knowledge that we're picking up along the way. It was an added bonus that we were all three in something other than yoga pants! It's those connections that I seek in my life (it's as strong as the ocean tide inside of me) and the holidays offer so many ways to connect! I look forward to the holiday season every year and secretly miss the buzz of energy that goes with it. I even miss the 7 trees that I put up in my house. Yes, you read that right. I love every one of them and they make me smile all season long. My husband helped in the take down this year and I'm pretty sure he wasn't fact, I'm sure of it! 

Since the new year has started, I've been feeling sore and fatigued. I've been attributing this to the "holiday hangover" that is so common, but I realized last night what is causing it. I had surgery in mid December and I can't work out or do yoga for 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS! That's a lifetime in my world. I faithfully workout and have a faithful daily yoga practice. I do both because I absolutely love to. Initially, I thought I would manage the forced down time without a problem, however, it dawned on me that IS the reason I'm sore, achy and tired. I'm missing the workouts and more importantly my body is missing my daily yoga practice. Without it my body feels tight and fractured, not fluid and whole. My yoga practice allows so many things within my life and as a bonus it offers me the space to be grateful for my health and those I love. It provides the connection within myself and reminds me to be mindful in my self care. I began to think about how much emphasis in both my personal practice and in teaching to students I put on feeling every movement of your body and each full inhale and exhale as opposed to working on autopilot and simply "going through the motions". That's what I've been doing....just going through the motions. I've lost the connection and I miss it! I may not be able to do my workouts or my daily practice for a few more weeks, but there's no reason that I can't work on other aspects that will provide that reconnection. Just as Savasana provides a space to allow your practice to settle and fill you greatly, a rebirth, a new beginning (keep in mind there are many different translations- this is only one of them), this is exactly where I began this morning. I went back to the basics and if you've taken my classes, you know that I always remind you that there is nothing wrong with uncomplicated, simple poses. You get out of them what you put into them. As I allowed my body to exist in savasana and mindfully reconnected with my body, heart and soul through my breath and a release of worry I began to feel a lightness and fullness that I had been missing. I went back to the basics and I was so happy to be there and my body thanked me for it. 

So my dear yogis, I encourage you to do the same. Find that sweet space where you are open to more and can fill up on all this world has to offer. Find your rebirth, new beginning and feel your breath. Create that connection within your life, yourself and each other. We are a community that thrives on the support that we all offer and the more present we are within ourselves, the more mindful we are within our practice and lives.




I don't even know where to begin after this week. My week was filled with so much love from all of you with amazing thoughts, experiences, moments and milestones. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

As a teacher, I strive to grow a little each time I walk into a class and guide all of you through a series of postures, sometimes inspired by a moment or experience in my daily life. Thank you to all of you that have offered me an insight or moment that you have experienced in my class. I love the comments, emails, messages and texts that let me know that I connected to you with what I was inspired by. Keep them coming!

Today was the third karma class of the November five. Where. To. Begin. I am always so honored and blown away by who walks into the studio ready, willing and open to a new experience. The room was packed today! Today we had first time yogis and yogis that have been on the mat for 20 years.  I love the spectrum of accessibility that yoga offers! We explored the offerings of trust within ourselves and each other by supporting the person on a mat next to us in crow pose. Riding the balance of knowing that our bodies can do it and allowing another to help us. The laughs, hugs, tears of joy and shrieks of laughter made my day! You all were amazing and trusted me when I told you where we were going. Every single one of you did the work to prepare for the pose and every single one of you conquered it! Trust yourself, trust each other and trust the process- that's all you need to be amazing! This picture shows the joy in all of you! 

This next week is filled with more amazing classes, both drop-in and private. I can't wait to see all of you on your mat and hear your stories. Please keep the comments, posts and notes coming! I love love love hearing it! As always, tag away in the comments below! Be proud of how amazing you are! 

Have you heard?

Parallel Yoga in Abbotsford runs a Karma Hatha Class every Sunday at 12:00pm with all the proceeds going to charity. For the month of November, I will be teaching it EVERY SUNDAY! The classes are all levels Hatha with a suggested donation of $5. This is a great way to try out a class if it's your first time or squeeze in a Sunday practice. The classes are open to anyone and not exclusive to students of Parallel Yoga. That means you can bring your friends and family! This would be a great class to set you up to have an amazing week! 

All classes are 60 minutes starting at noon. 

November 2 

November 9

November 16

November 23

November 30

See you on the mat!