I don't even know where to begin after this week. My week was filled with so much love from all of you with amazing thoughts, experiences, moments and milestones. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

As a teacher, I strive to grow a little each time I walk into a class and guide all of you through a series of postures, sometimes inspired by a moment or experience in my daily life. Thank you to all of you that have offered me an insight or moment that you have experienced in my class. I love the comments, emails, messages and texts that let me know that I connected to you with what I was inspired by. Keep them coming!

Today was the third karma class of the November five. Where. To. Begin. I am always so honored and blown away by who walks into the studio ready, willing and open to a new experience. The room was packed today! Today we had first time yogis and yogis that have been on the mat for 20 years.  I love the spectrum of accessibility that yoga offers! We explored the offerings of trust within ourselves and each other by supporting the person on a mat next to us in crow pose. Riding the balance of knowing that our bodies can do it and allowing another to help us. The laughs, hugs, tears of joy and shrieks of laughter made my day! You all were amazing and trusted me when I told you where we were going. Every single one of you did the work to prepare for the pose and every single one of you conquered it! Trust yourself, trust each other and trust the process- that's all you need to be amazing! This picture shows the joy in all of you! 

This next week is filled with more amazing classes, both drop-in and private. I can't wait to see all of you on your mat and hear your stories. Please keep the comments, posts and notes coming! I love love love hearing it! As always, tag away in the comments below! Be proud of how amazing you are!